• Our Products

    • High volume curcumin content Turmeric
    • High iron content Ragi nad etc.
    Horticulture Produce
    • Best and high quality Mangoes
    • Raw Cashews and different Spices
    • Indian sarsaparilla, Piper Longum
    • Soapnut, Marking Nut
    • Lac cultivation and bi-products
    • Hill Brooms and rauvolfia serpentina

    About Us

    Giri Producers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society Promoted by Sahayog CCN- a not for Profit NGO working with the tirbals over two decades in Paderu Agency area, Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh.

    This MACS is fully owned and governed by the by the tribal farmers. GiriMacs was registered in the year 2011, with an overall objective of social and economic betterment of its members.

    Major focus of the cooperative has been to engage in sustainable socio-economic development of its members through integrated natural resource management and establish profitable market linkages for their produce.

    The thematic areas it works with its member farmers are:

    • ~ Enhancement of Production system through an environment friendly approach based on scientific practices.
    • ~ Undertake Local Processing, value addition and marketing for remunerative price.
    • ~ Improve the skill sets of the farmers for undertaking diverse activities that support production and local value addition.

    The Giri Producers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society has a total membership of 3,000 tribal farmers in Munchingput Mandal.

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